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Concerns are dominating the media establishment after a decision to close down the al-Farā’īn channel owned by Tawfīq ‘Ukāshah following accusations of instigation against the president of the republic and the confiscation of an issue of al-Dustūr newspaper for nearly the same reason.
Al-Ahrām ran a brief piece on the background of Counsellor Mahmūd Mikī, the new Vice President.
The Egyptian President Muhammad Mursī, has issued major decisions considered by many to be revolutionary.
Al- Watan was informed by anonymous sources from al- Sīsī’s media campaign that al- Sīsī has decided that he shall not present a presidential platform.
Presidential candidate Al- Sīsī stated that Egyptians are walking the path of democracy, however comparing Egypt to Western democracies is a difficult issue. 
Dr. Aḥmad Karīma, the professor of Comparative Jurisprudence and Islamic Law at Al-Azhar University, said that intellectual terrorism creates potential armed terrorism, that is, bloodshed, destruction of resources and violation of human rights.
The Administrative Court has ruled to refer the lawsuit demanding the dissolution of the FJP (translator’s note: the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood)  to the state commissioners board in the Council of State to give their legal opinion on the matter. 
The Administrative Court headed by Counselor Ahmad Qishtah ruled to postpone the lawsuit demanding to drop the ban on the assets of the Muslim Brotherhood Association.
Cairo Urgent Affairs Court banned the leaders of the former NDP (National Democratic Party) from running in all the coming elections. 
Al-Waily Misdemeanor Appeals court has ruled to punish Ahmad Muhammad Abd Allah, more known as Abu Islam, with jail for 6 months in the second lawsuit presented by Najuīb Jubrā’il, accusing him of contempt of religion. 


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