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The author laments the deterioration of Egyptian national sensibility by comparing the recent Shura Council building fire to the Opera House fire 40 years ago. He sees apathy and incompetence among the general population, the government and professionals.
‘Alā’ al-Jamal said there were a million visitors at the Virgin Monastery when fire erupted at a nearby farm. The security services are to blame and emergency response was inadequate.
In response to the story of parents bribing officials for their childrens’ exam questions, the author laments the decline of the Egyptian middle class and its values and the current acceptableness and ubiquity of cheating within Egyptian society.
The article sheds light on a group of rich and powerful people the author ironically calls the elite. The author condemns their arrogant ways and the manner in which they manipulate and monopolize their society and religion.
In 2002 the Ministry of Education introduced the subject ’ethics and values’ into the curriculum, however in recent years it have received substantial criticism and now seems to be on the way out.
The Muftī of Egypt faced a storm of criticism following his ’controversial’ remarks about the Egyptian youths who died on the Italian shores while trying to cross the border illegally in search of a better life, in which he condemned their illegal acts and refused to consider them martyrs.
The article discusses three recent books that cover a number of topics that focus on religion. The authors that are discussed include Patricia Hampl, Richard Dawkins and Matthew Kneale.
Money may push many to commit illegal acts. Here the author explains how many churches were robbed by certain people who managed to deceive Christian religious men, making use of the “religious bond”.
There is a wide-ranged white slavery [sex traffic] affair that afflicts countries like Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Romania, on different levels. Dr. Sema Erder, a Turkish researcher in the social sciences, commented saying that the targeted women in sex slavery are young...
The author makes comparisons between the way this crisis, caused by a newspaper report, and other similar crises have been dealt with. He feels that the Ministry of Interior is dealing with each opposing power according to their influence. He believes the demonstrations should have urged the...


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