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In the previous parts of this debate Maurice Sadek, President of the center of Human Rights and National Unity had accused the Egyptian government of being racist and has asked for its resignation. Sadek continued in this part his dialogue on the religious persecution law that he describes as an...
The conspiring motives of the Sunday Telegraph’s campaign against Egypt are being revealed day after day. The British-American-Zionist attempts to trigger a ’Coptic Issue’ in Egypt, referring to Copts as a persecuted minority, is a way to implement the religious persecution law recently approved by...
The article describes the Jewish influence on the British media. Lots of names are given.
It was not a coincidence that the British Sunday Telegraph, owned by the Jewish media moguls, has launched a fierce campaign against Egypt and its national unity at this particular time.
The Sheik of The Azhar mosque and the Pope called together for affirmative action against Israel.


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