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Salama writes about Pope Shenouda III’s inauguration of the first phase of the project of the Coptic Orthodox Culture Centre and the Saint Mark Public Library in Anba Ruways grounds in Abbasiya, Cairo.
The compound of religions in Old Cairo is a symbol of the amazing coexistence of the three heavenly religions in Egypt.
The article discusses the al-Butrusiya Church in Cairo, a church steeped in history and notorious for the traditional ceremonies held there.
In 1990 the Greek Orthodox Church decided to sell its church in Rosetta however ever since the Muslim buyer tried to tear down the historic building there have been tensions over who owns the land and building. On September 19, a group of men broke into the church and caused severe damage.
The article reflects on the success of the Ninth International Conference of Coptic studies and describes the wealth of new information about Coptic issues that was discussed at the conference.
A group of reporters and journalists have visited St. Makarius monastery in the Western Desert to show their condemnation over the government’s sale of the land to investors, despite the fact that it may contain items of substantial archaeological worth.
The article describes the events of the first Coptic Studies Symposium that was recently held at the University of Toronto.
The author discusses the need to preserve the Egyptian heritage, and how everybody should immerse themselves in this process, providing examples of how historical areas have been allowed to fall into disrepair.
The author reviews a book by Robert Waldron entitled, ’Thomas Merton. Master of Attention,’ and the related discussions on spirituality.
The author discusses the tradition of cooking the Chrism Oil in the desert monastery of Anba Bishoi.


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