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The author discusses Christian thinkers and their contributions to the history of Coptic art in Egypt. He includes individuals such as Zuzana Skalova and Gawdat Gabra, who produced a book on classical Christian-Egyptian art, and Dr. Isaac Fanous.
The author discusses the recently completed restoration work at the old Church of St. Paul in his monastery on the Red Sea. It highlights the important Coptic art and iconography that is present in the church.
The author reviews a publication entitled, ‘Treasures of Coptic Art,’ that was released concurrently with the re-opening of the Coptic Museum in Cairo. She highlights factors of the book.
The article presents an overview of Coptic art that was displayed in the British Museum in an exhibition entitled, “La Bouche du Roi,” from March 22 to May 13.
The article discusses a plan to further develop Coptic Studies at Claremont Graduate University, and points to a number of individuals, students and Coptic figures, who both support the program and see the potential for increasing Coptic awareness around the globe.
The author discusses Coptic iconography over time, as well as the significant contributions of a number of renowned Coptic iconographers.
A review of a showcase of Coptic Iconic art held in Paris. The ’Icones Coptes’ show displayed 52 icons by 17 artists from the Fanūs School of Iconic art.
There are a number of icons that have been taken to the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles and are on display there. The author reminds us that an icon serves as an important window for faith and is more than simply a picture that is used to teach the holy stories.
An antique copy of the Qur’an, going back to the eleventh century, which was written in gold ink, was found when an effort was made to smuggle it from Istanbul to London. The British police is trying to know the details of the smuggling attempt.
His Majesty King Abdullah on Tuesday [August 24, 1999] inaugurated the memorial site of one of Prophet Mohammad’s companions in the central Jordan Valley region in Deir Alaa. The ceremony, attended by senior officials and Muslim clergy from different Arab states, is part of the Kingdom’s endeavor...


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