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Spokesman of the new Administrative Capital, Maj. Gen. Khālid al-Ḥusaynī, or Khaled al-Husseini, said that the new cathedral to be inaugurated tomorrow on the occasion of the Eastern Christmas holidays, is the largest in the entire Middle East.
About two kilometers west of the Necropolis of al-Bijawāt is situated the Monastery of Mustafa Kashif. It was named after a governor of the oasis during the Mamluk period.
The Saint Nicholas Church of the Greek Orthodox congregation on Tanis Street in the center of Alexandria faces neglect that threatens the collapse of the poor construction and architecture, especially that it has been closed for 20 years.
The St Mary of Damshīr Church, located in al-Baṭārikah (the Patriarchs) Street, in old Cairo, is crawling with monumental icons, each having its own story.
On Tuesday, 28 August, the House of Egyptian Architecture at Darb al-Labbāna in Central Cairo organizes a lecture dubbed ‘An Overview of the Ideology and Philosophy of Church Architecture in the Coptic Era’.
In a ceremony organized on Tuesday by both Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities and the Minting Department of the Ministry of Finance, the new medal commemorating the journey of the Holy Family in Egypt was celebrated.
It seems that the distortion of historical statues scattered in the squares and entrances of Egyptian cities is a series that will not end soon. Every month, it is announced that one of the statues is distorted in the Egyptian governorates. Officials of the al-‘Umrāniyyah in Giza gained controversy...
On December 26, and in cooperation with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the Center for Coptic Studies hosted a lecture on irrigation in Egypt during Early Christianity era from the 3rd to the 7th centuries AD, at the Sinnārī House in al-Sayīdah Zaynab (el-Sayyeda Zeinab) district of Cairo.
One of the oldest and most important churches in the republic and the world, and was part of the journey of the Holy Family in Egypt. According to priest Mattiyās Murīs, the church was prepared under the supervision of Patriarch Buṭrus Buṭrus Basṭūrūs, under-Secretary General of the Diocese of Kafr...
Not only monuments, but also streets, districts and different areas of the metropolitan city of Cairo have their own stories to tell. Many places such as like: al-Mugharbalīn, Al-Surūjiyya, Al-Darb al-Aḥmar, Ḥawsh al-Ghajar or Hosh al-Ghagar, Birkit al-Fīl, Tall al-ʿAqārib, Darb al-Mahabīl, Al-...


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