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The article reviews a book of Philip Lewis ’Islamic Britain: Religion, Politics and Identity among British Muslims.’ The author says this book attempts to correct the wrong picture of Muslims in the British media.
Pope Shenouda III assured that a deviated minority of Copts abroad does not represent all Egyptian Copts abroad.
The conspiring motives of the Sunday Telegraph’s campaign against Egypt are being revealed day after day. The British-American-Zionist attempts to trigger a ’Coptic Issue’ in Egypt, referring to Copts as a persecuted minority, is a way to implement the religious persecution law recently approved by...
We call on all Christians in Egypt to condemn what is being said and written in the foreign media concerning persecution of Copts in Egypt.
President Hosni Mubarak announced on Saturday that Ecuador had deported to Egypt a militant suspected of being involved in last November’s Luxor massacre in which 62 people were killed.
Military prosecutors are questioning more than 50 suspects, including more than a dozen extradited by other countries, in connection with the 1995 suicide bombing of the Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad which killed 16 people.
Do foreign monks living in Egypt suffer persecution from people or from the government? Al-Wafd entered their world to get their opinions about what is happening.
In light of the recent re-instating of the Khomeini Fatwa against Salman Rushdie by Iran’s radical groups, Rushdie is to meet with British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook to discuss his security.
Last Thursday Abdallah Abdel-Rahman, son of sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, was arrested and detained for 48 hours.
The Arab Orthodox Churches of Palestine have called on Arab nationalist groups to protect their land which is being sold to the Israelis by the Greek Orthodox Patriarch Zeoudorous.


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