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Shabāb Christian movement for Orthodox Copts called upon the Pope Tawadros to end his pastoral visit to Canada that would continue until the end of this month and return to Egypt to follow up on the crisis of the village of Jabal al-Tāyr in Minya.
A number of Copts in the village of Dāyr Jabal al- Tāyr, Samalūt, Minya, have accused the security forces of dealing with the angry youth during the protests calling for the return of the disappeared housewife with much repression and brutality.
Coptic activists and Coptic organizations called upon President ‘Abd al- Fattāh al- Sīsī to dismiss the Minister of Interior, Muhammad Ibrahīm, as well as the Governor and the Security Director of Minya. 
On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Diaconia Office for development projects, affiliated to Coptic Catholic Church, organized on Friday a forum on the role of women in the Egyptian society, and the various forms of violence exercised against her.
On Sunday 14th of September, more than 200 Copts attacked a police station in the village Jabal al-Tayr, belonging to the governorate Minya, with Molotov cocktails which hurt three policemen and destroyed three police cars.
Recently news about the group called the “Pure Heart” have come to the fore in Israel.
The assistant to the Chaldean Patriarch Bishop Philip Nigm stated to Watanī that 140 families were forcefully evicted from their homes and women were sold in Iraq. 
The Syrian Monitor for Human Rights stated that the offshoot of al- Qa’īdah, known as ISIS, has sold 300 Yezidi women for 1000 dollars per woman.
In commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Egypt is to celebrate this day on 25 November, 2018, in the Egyptian National Museum at Tahrir Square [Maydān al-Taḥrīr, or (Midan al-Tahrir).
A recent study revealed that female genital mutilation, better known under its acronym FGM, has dropped significantly across much of Africa. According to research data, the decline of FGM surgeries performed on girls around 14 years old is due to the effectiveness of the anti- FGM campaigns.


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