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President Mubarak resigned today. We have witnessed much of the events leading up to his resignation showing that reporting in the West provided a biased image. Images of Tahrir Square dominated most media since January 25 but little was reported about other parts of the country.   Foreigners...
This article mentions a few things concerning Archbishop Maximus; namely his 3 month trip to the United States, and the temporary closing of his TV station.  
During the conference of the Egyptian Personality, the alleged patriarch Maximus comments on the state’s actions against him.
The article sheds light one the disagreement between Pope Shenouda and Maximus with regard to divorce and remarriage.
Maximus talks about the situation of his church after head of the Holy Synod of the American Diaspora of True Orthodox Christians, who ordained him, converted to Buddhism, he also fiercely attacks Pope Shenouda, describing his era as the worst in Coptic history.
An Arab-West Report intern writes about the history and programs of the Salaam Centre for Medico-Social Services in Ezbet al-Nakhl district of Cairo. This center was formed and is run by a cooperation between Catholic and Coptic nuns.
In his monthly round-up of the Egyptian press this month, Robert al-Faris mentions that Watanī was the only paper to mention a two-month course that Tanta university is running in Coptic studies. He also lamented a comment made by Abu Treika, one of the country’s favorite football players, about...
According to the author, people have not paid a lot of attention to the lawsuit that the grand imām of the Azhar has filed against the editor in chief of al-Fajr because people did not believe that he would enter into such a personal conflict.
Three Al-Ahrām al-cArabī articles in this issue have inflammatory headlines about Christian missionary activities. Drs. Hulsman comments that these types of headlines scare readers and distort the truth.
The author reviews a new book entitled, ’ The Churches of Egypt. From the Journey of the Holy Family to the Present Day’ which includes Christian sites from all over Egypt.


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