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On Friday 29th July, the summer school students went back in time to explore the strikingly unique and enigmatic ancient Egyptian culture. As inquisitive students, I think that we all share an interest in the past, and we were therefore curious to delve into the mysterious and majestic lives of the...
Abū al-ʿIlā Mosque is considered a blessed spot, but also a place of refuge for worshippers and those in need. It is also an obligatory destination for art and architecture lovers to enjoy its accuracy and splendor as well as its spirituality.
Counselor ʾAhmad Fuʾād Qāsim called for merging the draft personal status laws proposed by a number of parties, including Al-Azhar, the National Council for Women and Al-Wafd Party.
In its edition on Saturday, December 22, Al-Misrīyūn newspaper reported that Imbābah district of Giza Governorate experienced a large turnout of Christians who queued to cast their ballots on the second stage of the constitutional plebiscite. 
At the police station of al-Haram district in Giza, a police report has been bailed against ′Abd-al-Halῑm Qandῑl, the editor in chief of Sawt -al-‘Ummah Newspaper, and ′Isām Ismā′ῑl, the board chairman of the same. 
Today (August 23) is the first court trial of Islām ‘Afīfī at the Giza Criminal Court headed by Counselor Muhammad Fahīm. ‘Afīf is accused of offending the President and publishing false news that disturbs the public interest 
  The al-Haram Appellate Court of Misdemeanor will hand down a ruling in the September 12 session on the case in which top Egyptian actor ‘Ādil Imām is accused of disdaining religion. The first instance court had sentenced Imām to three months in jail and payment of a bail of LE100 (roughly $17).
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights published on Friday (Aug. 10) the outcome of its investigations into the July 31 sectarian assaults on the houses and property of Christians in the village of Dahshūr, Giza governorate, which caused 100 Christian families to leave their original areas for...
Meanwhile, several Coptic leaders in Egypt expressed flat rejection against a conference called “No to marginalization and forced displacement” held on Saturday (Aug. 11) by Bishop Abākīr of Coptic Orthodox Church in Scandinavian countries, headquartered in Sweden.  
Muhammad Alī ‘Afīfī, the leader of Ansār Bayt al Maqdis organization, made important statements in the interrogation that was supervised by Councilor Tāmir al- Firgāny, the Public Attorney of the State Security Prosecution.


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