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In the early hours of this morning, thousands of Egyptian men and women stood side by side to perform the ʿĪd Al-Aḍḥā prayer at the Muṣṭafā Maḥmūd Mosque in al-Muhandissīn.
This summer will mark my third Ramadan spent in Egypt since I began traveling to the country in January 2011.  My first experience of an Egyptian Ramadan in the summer of 2011 remains particularly memorable, both as a cultural and personal experience.
In Egypt, sectarian conflict can be dizzying. When news breaks it explodes – Muslim mobs, churches burned, priests attacked. When the news crests it collapses – Muslim denials, church agreement, security clampdown. Only when the news settles can the situation be understood – partially,...
Zakhir: Candidates to succeed the Pope not guilty of spreading death rumor.  
My fifteen years living in Egypt has given me a lot of connections, including Egyptian diplomats, who are now providing me with stories about current developments in Egypt. It is very common among diplomats that they are ready to give visitors an off the record insight in what is happening in their...
This article looks at the Egyptian Court ruling allowing re-marriage, and the Christian Church’s refusal to accept it.
Local authorities struggled with demonstrators outside the Amr Ibn El-Aas mosque after the Eid prayers, protesting what they called the appearance of a Kamilia Shehata "look alike" in an online video denying her conversion to Islam. The protesters demanded international intervention in the case and...
The author discusses the increasing problem of sexual harassment in Egypt.
Victor Salama describes the pope’s recent trip to the U.S where he underwent surgery on his leg.
The article highlights the recent problems with Pope Shenouda’s health, and expresses Watani International’s wishes for a speedy recovery.


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