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The Coptic Orthodox archdiocese of Samālūt headed by Archbishop Pevnotios [Bifnūtiyūs] has announced that it is beginning to prepare on a film called Martyrs of Faith and the Homeland [Shuhadāʾ al-Imān wa al-Waṭan] with the blessings of the Church and Pope Tawāḍrūs II.
The Giza Criminal Court's terrorism circuit will issue a verdict on April 12 on nine defendants in re-trial procedures, based on a case known to the media as "burning the Church of Kafr Ḥakīm".
As per the article, the preliminary investigations have shown that Mahmūd Ghuzlān, the Muslim Brotherhood leader, is the main perpetrator of this attack. This is in order to hinder the police men from storming the houses of the Muslim Brotherhood members in Kirdāsah (Amīrah Ibrāhīm and Ahmad...
Security Forces Security forces in Giza have captured Sābir Amīn Farāhāt, the prime defendant accused of burning the church of Archangel Mikael in Kirdāsah. At the time of his arrest, he possessed 5 hand bombs and explosives. 23 others were arrested in the security campaign. 
Families in ‘Ayāt have stated that the clashes between the families and thugs have renewed. According to inhabitants, thugs are extorting the families. They have shut down shops for the refusal of the shop-owners to pay extortions. Thugs have also terrorized the Christians families and extorted the...
73 members of the terrorist organisation known as Muslim Brotherhood have been brought to the Criminal Court in Giza on accusations of “participating in the theft of contents” from the Church of the Virgin and then burning the church.
supporters of the ousted president Muhammad Mursī pursue a “Muslim Brotherhood Policy” that is based on killing Egyptian citizens for several reasons. For example they slaughtered a Taxi driver and set his car on fire for showing the victory sign, they set fire to houses that show the picture of al...
A hand made bomb, found behind a church in 6th of October City was defused. 6th of October prosecution investigated the matter, headed by Yāssir Tillāwī, public attorney for South Giza prosecutions.
Unknown persons had put a packet of dynamite next to the outer wall of the the HolyVirginChurch, in al-Saff [south of Cairo] while Coptic festivities were held. Explosives experts prevented the explosion.
Security forces have successfully preempted alleged Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers from carrying out what seems was a potential terrorist operation.


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