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The article sheds light on the danger of private mosques through the example of Sheikha Fifi. Together with a famous actress she built a mosque. She once invited Sheikh Amr Khalid to preach there and he accepted this. A mosque inspector claimed that the owners of private mosques are powerful people...
The State Security Prosecution continued investigating Saad Eddin Ibrahim regarding the two accusations of international bribe and communication. The prosecution confronted Ibrahim with documents of a secret deal between the Ibn Khaldoun Center and the American Verdinia Institution. According to...
A detailed description of the route of the Holy Family from place to place.
88 new members of the Shura (consultative) council were elected and 47 members appointed. Among the newly appointed members were three prominent Coptic businessmen. This raised to nine the number of Copts in the Council and to nearly 40 the number of businessmen.


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