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Security Forces Security forces in Giza have captured Sābir Amīn Farāhāt, the prime defendant accused of burning the church of Archangel Mikael in Kirdāsah. At the time of his arrest, he possessed 5 hand bombs and explosives. 23 others were arrested in the security campaign. 
73 members of the terrorist organisation known as Muslim Brotherhood have been brought to the Criminal Court in Giza on accusations of “participating in the theft of contents” from the Church of the Virgin and then burning the church.
supporters of the ousted president Muhammad Mursī pursue a “Muslim Brotherhood Policy” that is based on killing Egyptian citizens for several reasons. For example they slaughtered a Taxi driver and set his car on fire for showing the victory sign, they set fire to houses that show the picture of al...
Unknown persons had put a packet of dynamite next to the outer wall of the the HolyVirginChurch, in al-Saff [south of Cairo] while Coptic festivities were held. Explosives experts prevented the explosion.
Muhammad Isma’īl et al report that the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters have commemorated the first anniversary of Mursī’s deposal by detonating 13 explosive devices and primitive bombs on July 4, 2014 in a number of regions nationwide. 
The Giza criminal court has decided to sentence 12 defendants who were accused of taking part in killing General Nabīl Farāg in Kirdāsah, Giza to death, pending the opinion of the grand muftī. 
Muslim Brotherhood members have committed some acts of violence in Kirdāsah, Giza, a Muslim Brotherhood stronghold. 
US-based Coptic Solidarity started its eighth annual conference in Washington on Thursday under the title “Combating Terrorism without Sacrificing Civil Rights” in the presence of American, Canadian and European officials, as well as experts, researchers and human rights activists. The conference...
 Tāriq As’ad, a lawyer for the defense in the Kardāsa Church burning trial, reported that a church sponsor submitted a report claiming the innocence of the 71 accused that were sentenced to life in prison over the incident. The report claims that none of the accused was present inside or outside of...
The article presents the views of some intellectuals and Islamic scholars on the issue of Christians who converted to Islam and then decided to return to Christianity for personal and worldly factors.
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