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President Mubarak resigned today. We have witnessed much of the events leading up to his resignation showing that reporting in the West provided a biased image. Images of Tahrir Square dominated most media since January 25 but little was reported about other parts of the country.   Foreigners...
This article outlines the issue of religious veils in Europe and the supposed danger they pose to the society.
This article deals with the issue of the burqa in non-Muslim countries, more notably, and the focus of this article, within Belgium. The burqa is said to be a security risk to many, because faces cannot be seen, but it is also a personal rights issue. Recently, there has been discussion of a draft...
AWR Editor-in-Chief presents a paper on peace building, focusing on the work of CIDT, AWR and the ZIVIC project. The paper discusses the role of the media, governance and identity in interreligious conflict in Egypt, incorporating how the Arab-West Group can help in terms of study and...
Often when people emigrate from Egypt they leave certain problems behind but encounter new obstacles in their new country of residence believes Rev. Menes Abdel Nūr. However the pastor believes in spite of the fact that Pope Shenouda is a great preacher he should not have interfered in politics.
In an interview with Gerrit Roos of Reformatorisch Dagblad and Cornelis Hulsman, Bishop Marqus highlights the problems facing Christians in Egypt today. These problems include issues such as church building, conversion, the Egyptian education system and the emigration of Christians abroad.
According to Bishop Qultah of the Coptic Catholic Church there are three levels of dialogue between Christians and Muslims in the Arab world. However this dialogue needs to be expanded in order for it to be more effective and should be combined with a better education system.
In his speech for the launch of the ENAWU network, Prince Hassan bin Talal discusses the need to develop global commons and to promote citizenship for all. He further explains the need to advance one ethical standard for all and the importance of dialogue between different cultures.
Drs. Hulsman addresses Dr. Salīm al-ʿAwā and comments on a number of issues related to dialogue between Muslims and Christians.


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