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Background: The tape begins where the previous tape of the press conference with the-then President Muʿammar al-Qadhāfī left off. In the succeeding tape, al-Qadhāfī continued to comment on regional and global issues like the Yugoslavian war and NATO rising ambitions of world-occupation. The second...
Although it is common to attribute the phenomenon of religious extremism and terrorism to Muslims, the many incidents that have recently taken the world by surprise have not been related to Muslims. These incidents include the atrocities committed by Serbian Orthodox fundamentalists in the Balkans...
The author, Maj. Gen. Hilmī Muhammad Yūsuf, provides some notes on four different axes that contribute to the sectarian atmosphere in Egypt.
A review of a book entitled, ‘Alwan Al-Hurreyah,’ [Colors of Freedom], by Sameh Fawzi. The book discusses the evolution of democracy around the world and focuses on what needs to be done in Egypt to promote democratic ideals.
An agreement is signed between Kosovo Muslims and the Serbian authorities concerning education.
A brief review of the history of the district of Kosovo.
Massacre of ethnic Albanians who are Muslim in Kosovo.
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