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On Sunday July 1st., the summer school group left the dormitories to attend a service in All Saints Cathedral (Anglican-Episcopal) in Zamalek, Cairo. 
Rev. Munīr Ḥannā, head of the Episcopal or "Anglican" sect in Egypt, North Africa and the Horn of Africa, explained the historical and ideological nature of the difference between the "Episcopal and Evangelical" churches.
The Islamophobia Monitoring Observatory at Egypt's Dār al-Iftāʾ praised the British government's rejection of all anti-Islam manifestations, after dismissing the Advisor of the Ministry of Housing when he made statements expressing hostility and hatred towards Islam.
In Britain, more than sixty House of Lords members from the opposition Labour Party have signed a statement published in a newspaper on Wednesday accusing party leader Jeremy Corbyn of failing the “test of leadership” over anti-Semitism in the party.
British Prime Minister, David Cameron, stated yesterday that the U.K. intends to classify “Islamic extremism” as an ideology that is distinct from Islam as a heavenly religion. This comes in the context of the government’s response to the killing of a British soldier on the street in the U.K. (‘Abd...
Al-Misrīyūn, on December 14,  comments that in few years, Churches bells will “not be heard anymore” in the United Kingdom, where Christians in big numbers are converting to be Muslims making Islam to be the fastest growing religion in the British state, this trend is expected to continue. 
Bishop Antonius of Ireland and Scotland said all expatriate Copts are keen on attending the great day of elections that some of them had private flight reservations, adding all Copts would cooperate with the new patriarch for the good of the church. [
  In an interview with al-Watan, the Islamic preacher Dr. Yūsuf Badrī, a member of the previous Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, has condemned the calls for demonstrations against President Muhammad Mursī on the 24th of August as heresy. He demanded that those who would storm or burn the Muslim...
The UK government has requested from the Charity Associations board to provide a report about the charity activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK. 
The Guardian newspaper commented on the speech of Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, in which he called upon the West to confront political Islam, calling for a crusade against political Islam and Islamic fundamentalism. Read the original article of the Guardian here


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