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The American paper the Boston Globe published an article Friday, October 23 on the persecution of Egypt’s Copts by the Egyptian police. On Sunday October 25, the British newspaper The Sunday Telegraph published a front-page article written by Christina Lamb under the provocative title "The Egyptian...
Two days after President Mubarak’s refusal to release the Israeli Spy Azam Azam, the Zionist Lobby spread across Western countries launched a rude campaign against Egypt.
In light of the recent re-instating of the Khomeini Fatwa against Salman Rushdie by Iran’s radical groups, Rushdie is to meet with British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook to discuss his security.
Review of a book on the nature of relationships between the Pope and Anwar Al-Sadat.
Pope Shenouda’s consecration of a new priest has caused an uproar in the church. A former secretary of the Pope, father Theodosius, has sent telegrams to the President, the Interior minister, the head of State Security and the several church personalities objecting to the consecration of the new...


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