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This article from the Huffington Post draws attention to Christians living in Muslim countries and states that American Christians are not doing enough to help their religious brethren.
Karen Armstrong comments on the present world status and calls for dialogue among religions.
Tariq Heggy discusses the rise of Wahhābism and the encroachment of extremist understanding of Islam upon moderate Islam.
The key to encouraging people to respect other’s beliefs is education, believes Dr. Amīn Makram ‘Ubayd. According to him, state schools should promote the brotherhood of all citizens, not the followers of one religion above the others.   An ideal state school system should be non religious, but...
Great uproar was created following the publication and circulation of a photo of the Grand Imām of the Azhar Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī shaking hands with Shimon Peres in the Conference for inter religious dialogue that was held at the UN in New York.
This article comments on the incident of the Grand Imām Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī, shaykh of the Azhar, shaking hands with the Israeli President Shimon Peres during the Dialogue Conference held in New York.
The editorial highlights several interesting articles in this week’s issue, including a report about Christian missionary work and Islamic da‘wah. There is also an article in this issue about the oath that Christians say in Egyptian courts which Hulsman brings to the reader’s attention.
The article is a review of the newly published book, ’The history of the early Coptic community in the U.S.A.’
The article discusses the need for non-partisan reporting and removing emotions from articles, using Arab-West Report to exemplify the importance of such.
The article is based on an interview with Pope Shenouda III on the occasion of the church celebrations on Easter.


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