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Christianity in the Arab World was flourishing in relative terms prior to the First World War and consequent break-up of the Ottoman Empire.
The Muslim Brotherhood set Egyptian politics ablaze with their decision to nominate their chief financier, Khairat al-Shātir, for the presidency. All political groups recognize the right of the group to do so but many have criticized them harshly, recalling their promise from early in the...
Lamīs Yahyá is an Egyptian student living in Germany who is supporting the Egyptian 
student movement for democratization in Egypt. She earlier wrote the investigative report
on the conflict around the building of a Coptic Orthodox Church in Marīnāb, September 30,
  Former enemies in a bitter sectarian conflict, Imam Muhammad Ashafa and Pastor James Wuye now work together for peace between their respective Muslim and Christian communities in Nigeria. They recently held a pair of peacebuilding workshops in Cairo hosted by CAWU....   There is a full-text...
 Thousands of Copts descended on the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in ‘Abbāssīyah, Cairo on Friday, May 6, in response to a Salafi Muslim demonstration at the same location a week earlier
In 2011, Egypt will receive $5 million less from America for the promotion of democracy than it did the previous year. CIDT's Jayson Casper examines America's motivation for its continued involvement in Egypt, for the better and the worse. 
With the tensions that have escalated between the West and the Islamic world since the September 11th attacks, foreign governments have advocated for a reform of religious education in Muslim-majority countries.
 Jayson Casper reflects on his experience watching the football world cup in an Egyptian cafe.
A De-radicalization Conference was held on 2-3 December 2009 in the Golden Tulip Flamingo Hotel, Cairo. The conference was hosted by the Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Institute. About 12 papers were presented, mostly by Egyptians, but with contributions from Norway, Denmark and the United Kingdom. In...
This article sheds light on the Western insults directed toward Muslims every now and then. The author suggests that working hard and depending on one’s self is the best reaction toward confronting such insults. He urges Muslims not to be distorted or shaken by these incidents as this is the main...


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