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The article gives information about the geography and demography of Afghanistan and its economic indicators. This is in addition to a historical background that has to do with the Soviet occupation, the civil war and the Taliban government.
The text of a lecture on human rights and civil society in Egypt, including a discussion on numbers of exaggerated stories in the West, rumors and civil society.
Population growth of 2.3 %, increasing poverty and a deadly Islamic terror. Dr. Usama el-Baz, political advisor of President Mubarak, expects fundamentalism to disappear in a few years time but Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim, political sociologist at the American University in Cairo does not believe this.
The Copts Daily Digest reported that the website of the US Copts Association was hacked by a Muslim. The hacker reported he doesn´t like their website and wanted to scare them. The US Copts Association reported that they are frequently threatened on Muslim sites but were not able to produce more...
This report presents the interviews with nineteen people, 18 Egyptians and one American researcher about the importance of the work of Arab-West Report, people of different backgrounds, Muslims and Christians, clergy and non-clergy, including scholars and human rights lawyers. Christian...
Report on a visit to the monastery of St. Bishoi in Wadi al-Natroun organised by RNSAW. Several requests for RNSAW work.
Description of a visit to Azhar scholar Dr. ‘Abdel Mo’ti Bayoumi with a group of Chinese Christians.
Comment of al-Gomhuriya editor-in-chief Samir Ragab’s reporting about the court case of Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim. Traced stories about a new apparition of the Holy Virgin in Giza.
A large number of young translators presented translations of literary works from various languages into Arabic that attracted the attention of readers and specialists. These translations are not limited to the widely known languages like English and French, but they also include some translations...
Introducing and explaining the AWR logo. Report on the visit of the Hong Kong Council to Egypt, including their participation in the Palm Sunday celebrations in Sarakna.


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