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Guided by the common desire for a continuous and fruitful cooperation, a protocol of cooperation was signed between PhD. Dr. Shawqi `Allam on behalf of Egypt's Dār al-Iftā' and Shaikh Āzād Khorshed on behalf of Kurdistan's Islamic Scholars Union, Branch of Kirkuk, Iraq.  
The head of the Chaldean bishops in the Iraqi city of Kirkūk on Tuesday announced that Christmas celebrations for this year have been cancelled following a threat from al-Qā‘idah. Only prayers will be held, the church official said. The prayers will be held in the morning under strict protection,...
In Iraq, the persecution of Christians continues and many Christian families are leaving Mosul for Baghdad while there are estimates that a third of the Christian population has left the country.
The author investigates an incident in Iraq, where a Fatwá was issued to the Assyrian Christian residents in a suburb of Baghdad, to convert to Islam or face death. He reviews the responses to the crisis, and provides his own perspective on the issue.
A nearly forgotten people of the book, the Sabaean sect in Iraq adheres to its traditions while stressing what it has in common with Islam. They prefer to call themselves mindaa’ii "those who know", or Mandaeans, from manda, their word for temple.
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