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Researcher Silvana George ʿAttallah, reports that the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the forerunner of the Christian world, was built by Emperor Constantine in the 4th century AD in the basilica style.
According to a well-informed Church source, Pope Tawadros II favors Bishop Rapha'el, General Bishop of Cairo city center and Secretary of the Holy Synod, was also a papal candidate, to replace Metropolitan Archbishop of Jerusalem, Bishop Abraham.
Amid heightened security, the Holy See of St. Mark in Alexandria celebrated “Palm Sunday” where the churchyard was adorned with flowers and crosses. The crowd gathered in a marketplace for selling palms before performing the prayers at the Church. 
Veto Gate commemorated the Palm Sunday Observance in Egypt and shed light on the unity between Muslims and Christians. This unity was manifest in Muslims Joining forces with their Coptic brothers buying palms and take part in the celebration in Minya.
Egypt's Christians celebrated today "Palm Sunday”, the second day of Holy Week within the 55 days of the Holy Fast. Palm Sunday marks the day on which Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem and was greeted by the people with palms and olives.
In his interview with Al-Waṭan, Anbā  Bimen, Bishop of Naqādah and Qūs in Qena and the official on charge of the Crisis Management Committee of the Orthodox Church as well as the ecclesial relations between Egypt and Ethiopia, is celebrating his 25th anniversary of ordination in the next month. He...
Coptic rights activist Hānī ʿIzzat al-Masrī, condemned the statement by the spokesman of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Rev. Būlus Halīm, in which he asserted the Church's position opposing the Copts' visit to the holy sites in Jerusalem.
Dr. Kamīl Siddīq  Sawiris, Secretary General of the Milli Council of the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Alexandria, said that "with regard to the decision to ban the travel of Copts to the occupied lands of Jerusalem to visit the holy sites, the decision was made by the Holy Synod during the reign of...
The issue of the ban of the Egyptian Coptic Church on Coptic Christians visiting Jerusalem to perform the pilgrimage rituals was raised in the media and stirred a debate in the past week in concurrence with Easter celebrations. 
The Egyptian Episcopal celebrated the funeral ceremony of her former Bishop Ghais `Abd al-Malek1, in the All-Saints Cathedral, Zamalek, Cairo.  Died at the age of 85 years, Bishop Ghais presided the Episcopal Church in the Middle East and Jerusalem from 1984 to 2000.   1Bishop Ghais `Abd al-Malek...


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