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[Lamīs Yahyá is an Egyptian student living in Germany who is supporting the Egyptian student movement for democratization in Egypt. She earlier wrote the investigative report on the conflict around the building of a Coptic Orthodox Church in Marīnāb, September 30, 2011.]
Mr. Rajab 'Abd al-Munsif, Chairman of the Central Administration of the Curriculum and the Prophetic Sunnah. Mr.Hamdī Mahmūd Al-Dāwī, General Director of Manuscripts and the Heritage Book.  
 Some prominent lawyers take legal action against President Mubarak and the head of the Kuwaiti newspaper in Cairo concerning the disappearance of Kamilia.
A group of anonymous users on an Islamic online message board said that Qatar will not get the chance to host the 2022 World Cup because they claim that Qatar will be part of an Islamic empire ruled by Usāmah Bin Lādin by 2017. The group claims that the empire will also include Kuwait and Saudi...
This article looks at the relatively good relations between Pope Shenouda and Coptic populations around the world.
Fikrīya Ahmed reports on the possible decision not to allow Muslim Brotherhood leaders to attend a Dutch conference on Islam in the Netherlands.
Jayson Casper attends a talk given in Zamalek, Cairo by Imām Faisal ‘Abd al-Ra’ūf, an American Islamic scholar who calls for adherents to Islam to adapt to the culture of their home nation.
Cornelis Hulsman revisited Banī Walīms and Maghagha with a group of interns and Jielis van Baalen, now managing director of CIDT. The objective of the visit was to investigate the present state of Muslim-Christian relations seven years after Banī Walīms suddenly gained media prominence when a...
The article reports on two reconciliation sessions in Upper Egypt, one that was held earlier this month and another which is due to take place next week.
ENAWU partner CESMO asked for an Egyptian student to participate in their workshop “We are all in the same boat.” It was only natural for us to ask our Egyptian intern Marianne Mahrūs to go to Lebanon. Here Marianne reports on her experiences at the workshop in Lebanon.


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