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Several articles showing different perspectives about article two of the Egyptian Constitution. The discussion between Dr. George Bibāwī and the Coptic Orthodox Church hierarchy continues.
In a meeting held at the Orthodox Church in ‘Abbāsīyah, Muḥammad Kamāl expressed his disapproval of the idea of allocating a number of parliamentary seats for Copts.
In 1992, Cairo witnessed the first ‘Conference on the Problems of Bias,’ which concluded the main features of a “theory of bias.” In March 2007, Cairo witnessed the secondconference on bias, ‘The International Conference for Dialogue between Civilizations and the Different Tracks of Knowledge.’ The...
This article expresses alarm about the situation of Arab Christians in light of the sectarian feuds that are troubling Middle Eastern countries like Iraq and Lebanon.
Drs. Hulsman criticizes the well-known American Evangelical writer Dr. David Aikman for presenting an article in support of Pope Benedict’s main arguments about Islām, claiming Islām not to be a religion of reason. Hulsman finds Aikman’s arguments an oversimplification and therefore doing injustice...
The author critizes an article by the German magazine Der Spiegel about Christians in the Middle East. She claims that the article distorts the reality of the situation in the declining Christian communities in the region.
Dr. Isaac Fānūs freely spoke his mind about the issues he found important. Dr. Fānūs was critical about ecclesiastical institutions and leadership, including those in his own Coptic Orthodox Church. In this interview religions are described as societal entities that humans have created and...
Christians have lived in the Arab world for many years, yet recently a mass exodus has been witnessed. The article considers reasons behind this exodus.
The author discusses Christianity in Egypt, and what it means to be a Copt living in a society that constantly struggles with social issues.
AWR’s last interview with the late Dr. Isaac Fānūs. Comments on self-censorship, such as that of Dr. Otto Meinardus’ differences in writing and saying, which makes it hard for students of the church in Egypt to get a good understanding of the church’s position. Father Basilius of the Monastery of...
Patriarch Gregorius III Lahhām, patriarch of Antioch and the orient of Alexandria and al-Quds for the Greek Catholic Church, stresses the necessity of establishing a secular state and gives his opinion on the current situation of Christians in the Arab world.
The article is about the crisis that the Muslim Brotherhood group faces as some of its affiliated students present a military arts show in the campus of the Azhar University.
‘Ubayd discusses the history of various forms of Christianity, from Arab Christians to Eastern Christians, and the problems that are still remain to overcome.
Drs. Hulsman provides a detailed description of Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt, and a history of Coptic problems, stemming from their own actions and outside influences.
Text of lecture about a declining Christianity in the Middle East. Dalrymple compares between his travels in the mid nineties to when he collected material for his book ‘From the Holy Mountain: A Journey among the Christians of the Middle East,’ and recently travelled to the areas he had visited...
Transcript of a speech presented by William Dalrymple at the American University in Cairo, highlighting his experiences traveling to Christian Holy sites throughout the Middle East, as well as his personal interpretation of political Islām. He includes references to both historical and present day...
The First Attorney General of the High State Security Investigation Bureau, decided to renew the custody of Dr. Saʿd al-Dīn Ibrāhīm, Head of the Ibn Khaldoun [Ibn Khaldūn] Center and treasurer of the Women-Voters Support Agency and Nādya ʿAbd al-Nūr, the Center’s financial manager.
Rajab al-Murshidī criticizes Muslim dā‘īyahs who concentrate their efforts on making money during the month of Ramadān, where many Muslims compete in good deeds.
The murder of Lebanese minister Pierre Gemayel might result in sectarian clashes again. Commotion in Egyptian media about comments from the Minister of Culture who said that wearing the veil is a sign of backwardness.
Lectures stating that Christianity is coming to an end in most Middle Eastern countries which is strongly related to Western interference in the region.Media attention for AWR work.


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