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In the wake of July 7 blasts, the British government has published a list of practices it considers ‘unacceptable’ within the United Kingdom.
After the July 7 London bombings, Ahmad Ridā attempts to respond to the issues raised about the attitudes, culture, and living conditions of Muslims in Britain.
Text of the official statement.
The USA exploits religious freedom and human rights to stretch its control over the region of the Middle East and to justify its intervention in the domestic affairs of countries that are against the double standard American polices.
Zakariya Moussaoui until now is the only one facing formal charges in connection with the events of September 11. He refused to speak before the judge. The judge considered his silence a denial of the charges. So, she ordered the initiation of the trial in front of a jury the following 14 October...
The US accused the Azhar University of teaching students by using a strict approach that leads to extremist thinking and to the establishment of terrorism. That was why the US asked the Islamic countries to reconsider the approaches they take in religious education. The article gives the comment of...
Islamist groups, known for their rejection of this Zionist entity, would never accept the idea of the Greater Middle East.
Some of the scholars in the dormant Muslim world are busying themselves with only saying all that is new is Haram [unlawful according to the Islamic shari’a.] In fact, some Muslims still believe that the Internet, satellite channels, women’s perfume are haram, at a time our peers on earth live the...
The conduct and rhetoric of Muslim leaders and their failure to address the stagnation of their societies has fueled the tensions between Islam and the West. Relations between Muslims and the West will continue to deteriorate unless the internal crisis of the Muslim world is also addressed.
A one-of-a-kind mosque opened its doors last week in Amsterdam. The mosque is for women only and is considered the first of its kind in the entire history of Islam.


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