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The churches, both in Egypt and throughout the world, cried over the Notre Dame fire that consumed the roof of the cathedral before toppling one of its massive towers.  
Catholic Pope Francis called upon the Palestinian and Israeli presidents, Mahmūd Abāss and Shimon Peres to visit the Vatican to pray together for peace.
Catholic Pope Francis I has arrived to Jordan in a visit that is the fourth of its kind in the last 50 years. 
The Coptic Street [community] witnessed several events during the past week… We follow the most prominent of them in the proceeding article. 
Aḥmad  ʿAbd al- Ḥamīd al-Nimr [Ahmed Abdel-Hamid El-Nemer], the supervisor of Coptic archeology, revealed that Coptic heritage is one of the most important historical legacies left for all of us. Some of the most important aspects of the Coptic heritage are the stories and narratives that have...
With its natural and geographical characteristics, and its rich history, Sinai, the land of turquoise, is a cherished part of Egypt.  This year, we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the June 1967 war, “the Naksa Day, or the Day of Setback”, during which the Sinai Peninsula, all its cities and...
In conjunction with the celebration of the Coptic Christmas on January 7, the National Center For Translation organizes a forum today, Tuesday, at 6 pm to discuss the recently published Arabic translation of the book entitled Churches In Egypt: From The Journey Of The Holy Family To The Present Day...
Editor: Dr. Nagia Abdelmoghney Said is a longtime member of the board of the Egyptian Moral Rearmament Association, an Egyptian peace movement with Muslim and Christian members. The Egyptian MRA is part of Initiatives of Change in Europe.    
 In the run up to Coptic Christmas (January 7th) two Watani International writers review A Christmas Gift, a book compiled by Watanī writers reflecting on various different aspects of Christmas, from the meaning of the celebration to how to make home-made decorations.
Jeff Jacoby sets the persecution of the Copts in Egypt in a context of wider persecution against Christians all over the world, including in Iraq, China, Somalia and others.


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