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According to Eli Ben Meir, a former head of the Research Department in the Military Intelligence Directorate (Aman), Israel is dealing with several security challenges between them the Iranian threat, the situation in Syria and the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. However, the Government must...
An anonymous security source stated that Muslim Brotherhood leader Mahmūd ‘Izzat has sent a letter to three terrorist groups in Sinai requesting 300 terrorists to execute an alleged plan for “the last chance” to be executed on the anniversary of June 30th.
Egyptian churches have denounced the attack that took place in Rafah, Sinai, and led to the death of 16 officers and men. Bishop Pachomius, Coptic Orthodox Acting Patriarch offered his condolences to the Egyptian people.
ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria) has introduced a testimony for new members in Iraq, in which they declare that they are ‘not an unbeliever’. In the pledge new recruits must repent for having committed bid‘ (innovation / heresy in religion), and each declaration is valid for three...
The annual sūfī Iftār was held at the headquarters of the ‘Azmiyyah tarīqah in the neighborhood of Sayyidah Zaynab yesterday. As well as the presence of several Sūfī sheikhs, there was also a diplomatic Iranian delegation present, under the supervision of Tawfīq al-Samdī, political advisor to the...
Dr. Ahmad al- Tayyib, Shaykh of the Azhar, stated that the aggression of the “Zionist entity” against the Gaza Strip is a genocide against the unarmed Palestinian people. 
The Israeli Operation Protective Edge has led to the death of 98 martyrs and injuring 670 more people. 
The Grand Muftī, Shawqī Allām, has called for an immediate end to all military operations that the Israeli forces are carrying out against Gaza. He requested the Arab World, UN and international community intervene immediately to end the air strikes of the Israeli Occupation
The Azhar has denounced the barbaric attacks launched by the Israel against the Palestinian people, he assured that the Arabs and Muslims will not be patient for long. 
Dr. Ādil Adawy Minister of  Health and Population has announced that the Egyptian hospitals have announced 11 injured people from Gaza. 


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