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Thousands of Jews are traveling this week to a tiny village in the Beheira governate on the Nile Delta in order to visit a 200 year-old shrine to Abū Hasīrah, a Jewish Egyptian rabbi. Some residents of the village protest the event, saying that Israelis shouldn’t be allowed to enter Egypt while...
This article reflects on the Muslim reactions to Netanyahu’s claim that Jerusalem, or Zion, is mentioned in the Bible as the homeland of the Jews 850 times.
Moná Abū Sakīn criticizes expatriate Coptic activist Morris Sādiq, in particular for his stance on the issue of Israel and Palestine.
Political experts expect South Sudan to vote to secede from the Muslim north in 2011. Outcomes of the potential succession are debated though key concerns include the allotment of Nile water and the creation of an Islamic state in North Sudan. Sudanese president Bashir is working to maintain unity...
Al-Shurūq Al-Jadīd interviews Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī and asks him about the issues of the Muslim Brotherhood, Gaza and the Egyptian ruling system.
In spite of the bitter controversy created by Sayyid al-Qimnī’s honoring, some people have expressed their admiration for his ideas. Al-Qimnī expresses his views, and comments on issues related to freedom of expression and sectarianism in Egypt.
Minister Zaqzūq has called on Muslims to visit the al-Aqsá mosque while for the first time ever an Israeli musician has performed in Cairo. Both events have raised fears about the normalization of relations with Israel.
The internationally acclaimed conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim gave his first performance in Egypt at the Cairo Opera House on April 16. His visit has received mixed reviews from Egyptians.
This issue presents a number of articles on the freedom of expression and the freedom of creed, and also comments on a new film released in The Netherlands, which is trying to counter-act the harm caused by the controversial film ’Fitna.’
The following lines present Muslim scholars and lecturers at the Azhar University’s opinions about the recent crisis between the Vatican and Israel on the background of the reinstallation of a Catholic bishop who doubted the number of people killed in the Holocaust. The Vatican pope seems to be...


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