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Drs. Cornelis Hulsman refers to article 19 in this issue that again deals with the sensitivities surrounding conversion.
Dr. Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm denies fear of returning to Egypt.
The Center for Arab-West Understanding presents its annual report for 2006, highlighting the objectives achieved and the goals for the upcoming year. 2006 was landmarked by growing toward the Center for Arab-West Understanding, and laying the basis for an electronic documentation center.
Arab media primarily placed the war in Iraq in the framework of the religious dimension. Religion is present in the background of almost all articles. Reactions of religious institutions and figures and the impact of religion on the characters of both Bush and Saddam Hussein are the focus of...
Christians have lived in the Arab world for many years, yet recently a mass exodus has been witnessed. The article considers reasons behind this exodus.
The author argues that the West is championing the project of democratization, while at the same time, it refuses the participation of a significant power like Hamās in the legislative elections in the occupied territories.
‘Amr Khālid has had a remarkable march to fame as a dā‘iya.
Imagined fancies of Islam promoted by delusive experts were illustrated in Andrea Lueg’s book titled "Islam the enemy, between truth and illusion." In the west, the image of Islam is influenced by the shocking pictures of news which we all receive everywhere; the image of "armed Muslims" who grasp...
Rose al-Yousuf writes that Egyptian grassroots are not interested in demonstrations of the Kifāya movement. Critique on an article about a Christian family alleging that the Grand Shaykh of the Azhar was involved in luring their daughter to Islam.
This article gives an overview of the Egyptian/Arab Press, including English language media, about Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim and the Ibn Khaldoun Institute.


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