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This article celebrates the life and work of Sheikh Mohamed Sayad Tantawi. The Grand Imam died recently on a trip to Saudi Arabic. He was a very moderate and fair individual. Sheikh Tantawi was a moderate at a time when hard-line views were swiftly gaining ground.
Dutch journalist Eildert Mulder carried out a series of discussions and forums in cooperation with the Arab-West Report to discuss his book “De Omstreden Bronnen van de Islam” (The Contested Sources of Islam). He met with Muslim intellectuals Jamāl al-Bannā, Dr. Sayyid al-Qimnī and with Belgian...
Publisher: Uitgeverij Meinema, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands (2009)Translator: Sandra HeijdenEditor: Alexander Wamboldt The preface to Eildert Mulder and Thomas Milo’s 2009 book ’The Contested Sources of Islam’, where the authors introduce the four German revisionist historians whose theories about...
Great uproar was created following the publication and circulation of a photo of the Grand Imām of the Azhar Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī shaking hands with Shimon Peres in the Conference for inter religious dialogue that was held at the UN in New York.
Following a response from Dr. Hans Jansen which outlined the books that state that Sūrah 2:256 is abrogated, Hulsman and Dukhān investigated the issue further and researched the viewpoints of number of prominent Islamic websites as well as the opinion of Dr. ‘Abd Al-Mu‘ti Bayyūmī.
Dr. Hassan Wagieh from the Azhar University stresses that Sūrah 2:256 is not abrogated or canceled by other verses.
Drs. Hulsman and Dr. Burslem provide a detailed report on Muslim-Christian relations based on a review of Dr. Hugh Goddard’s book, commenting on a number of issues including Western perceptions, mis-interpretations, and examples of recent incidents involving Muslims and Christians.
Geert Wilders’ film ’Fitná is a nuclear bomb that creates fear of Islam, but in a civilized way.
A book entitled, ’al-Ightiyālāt fī al-Islām: Ightiyāl al-Sahābah wa al-Tābi‘īn [Assassinations in Islam: Assassinations of the Prophet’s Companions and Followers] describes the assassinations of significant figures in the early years of Islam.
The article discusses a recent meeting between King ‘Abd Allāh of Saudi Arabia, and Pope Benedict XVI, the first meeting of its kind, and the implications that this meeting has.


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