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EU Ministers of Interior requested internet service providers to ban internet sites that are used in recruiting European youth for Jihad in Syria. 
   Sources within the Muslim Brotherhood said that several administrative offices have been assigned in various parts of the country to mobilize large numbers of people to participate in the events of 28 November next. 
In an appearance on a Russian Orthodox TV Channel, Pope Tawadros II emphasized that the situation in Egypt is good and improving step by step, while the relationship between the Church and the people is strong. 
Al- Nusrah Front and the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant continued their warfare despite the calls of Qa’ida leader, Ayman al- Zawāhirī, call upon them to stop fighting.
Villagers of Shawā Village in Mansura have expressed their anger at the death of one of their sons, Ahmad Sha’bān, by carrying out a suicide attack in Syria. Sha’bān, a secondary school student, was recruited by the Muslim Brotherhood, according to the article. 
Christians around the world celebrated Easter at the same time. Pope Francis, Holy See, Vatican, has prayed for peace initiatives in Ukraine, Syria, Central African Republic, South Sudan and Venezuela.
Leaders in the Da’wah al- Salafiah have criticized what seemed to them as a confusion of the Muslim Brotherhood statements pertaining to the Shites and conflicts in the Arab world.
Analysts observing the development of the security situation in Syria stated that Khuarāsān group is working due to the regulation of the Qā’idah group.
American airplanes have started Tuesday morning to launch airstrikes against ISIS in Syria in an attempt to send a strong message to the group in Syria as per CNN.
The Catholic Center for Studies and Media, Jordan, published a report entitled “The Christians of Middle East Face Regional Conflicts and Terrorist Attacks”. The report stated that numbers of Christians are dwindling amid conflict and jihadist attacks, for Pope Francis expressed his concern that...


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