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A Jewish rabbi has called for establishing a Jewish Caliphate to face the Islamic Caliphate that ISIS is trying to establish in Iraq and Syria. 
Abdallah A, a pensioner, has called upon the Ministry of Interior and the National Security forces to return to him his son, Ahmad, 22 years old, who is currently in Syria and fights on the side of ISIS. 
ISIS is continuing its shocking surprises to the world.
Shaykh Yūssuf al- Qaradawī, head of the International Union for Muslim Scholars,  stated that the declaration of the Caliphate by ISIS is null and void according to sharī’ah and it does not serve the Islamic project. 
The Syrian Monitor for Human Rights stated that the offshoot of al- Qa’īdah, known as ISIS, has sold 300 Yezidi women for 1000 dollars per woman.
The general prosecution headed by Counselor Sharīf ‘Imād al- Dīn has ruled to imprison Ahmad Mus’ad al- Mi’adāwī, member of ISIS, for 15 days pending investigations.
Pope Tawadros has called for supporting the agonized churches in Syria and Iraq and working on bringing different churches of the world together. 
Former Egyptian Ambassador to Iraq, Sayyid Abū Zayd stated that ISIS has sent some of its militants to Egypt during the past few months, as it considers Sinai to be a part of the Levant. 
Dr. Ibrāhīm Nigm, Advisor to the grand mufti, stated that ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) is an organization that has misled many young people in the name of religion. 
One of the young men who traveled recently to Syria from Egypt and returned back that he traveled with a group of ten young men, including Islām Yaken, the man whose story circulated on social media outlets.


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