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Personal memories of Dr. William Qilada who supported the start of the RNSAW.
Charged by the Ministry of Education, Muslim and Christian experts from all national trends joined the committee to rewrite the syllabuses about the history of Egypt -- until the Ibn Khaldoun Center began to spread its sectarian ideas about minorities. A summary of interviews with a professor in...
The article reviews a book of Philip Lewis ’Islamic Britain: Religion, Politics and Identity among British Muslims.’ The author says this book attempts to correct the wrong picture of Muslims in the British media.
Iran has disarmed against its number one public enemy Salman Rushdie who was hunted by the Fatwa (Islamic religious decree) declared by the late Ayatollah Khomeni, and issued more than nine years ago.
In the RNSAW of June 27 - July 1 1998, a translation was given of an article of Fikriya Ahmed in El-Wafd 27, titled ’The Dutch intelligence condemns Muslims in its annual report’. The RNSAW obtained the text of the summary of this report and translated it for our readers.
The author claims that superstitions are spreading to the Coptic churches abroad. For example characteristics are attributed to saints which are in conflict with historical evidence. For example Copts believe saint Abu Sefein spoke an Upper Egyptian dialect of Coptic while in fact he was from Asia...


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