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Social services buildings that are affiliated to churches have to go through rigorous licensing hurdles before they are legal, even if the building is not going to be used as a church at all.
Further incidents of sectarian sedition arise in al-Fayyūm following the destruction of a wall. Debates have been raised as to if the original building at the center of the controversy had been a church, or a school.
Bishop Bīshūy meets with the governor of Alexandria to discuss the recent tension in Muslim-Christian relations there.
The author comments on the recent Shūrá Council’s mid-term elections. He believes that the coverage of the election was mediocre, and that poor press coverage of events is helping to further distance the concept of citizenship.
On March 9, 2004, the Egyptian people in general and the Coptic Orthodox Christians in particular celebrated the 33rd anniversary of the death of Pope Kyrillos VI, 116th Patriarch on the See of Saint Mark. His holy message was based on building individuals spiritually, and he said that the church’s...


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