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Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (CPVPV) issued a statement in North Sinai Governorate, warning cigarette sellers not to sell drugs and cigarettes. The statement continues that this is the first and last warning. If sellers did not stop, the group will apply the sharī’ah...
Prime Minister Hishām Qandīl’s beat-about-the-bush remarks that there were no forced evictions of some families in Rafah and that only one family preferred to relocate to another area would never be bought by a KG-1 child.
Bishop Quzmān of North Sinai said President Muhammad Mursī, during his recent meetings with the evicted Coptic families that returned to their homes in Rafah, has pledged to protect Copts.
Priest Yūsuf Subhī of the Mār Jirgis Church in Rafah, which was devastated during the incidents of the January 25, 2011 revolution, said after sessions were held with the tribal chiefs and security officials, the first mass service will be held inside the church on Sunday (October 7).
A fact-finding commission set up by the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) that recently visited Rafah said Christian families residing in the border city are facing constant threat that overruns their right to live. [Mahmūd Hassūnah, al-Watan, Oct. 26, p. 1] Read original text in Arabic
The jihādist group that currently exists in Sinai is a source of great concern for the security agencies, particularly after statements made by many leaders of the al-Tawhīd wal-Jihād (Monotheism and Strife) that it would avenge the execution of 14 of its members.
A fact-finding commission, set up by the National Council for Human Rights, embarked on Thursday (October 11) on probing the conditions of Christian families in Rafah after reports some of them were forced to relocate to other areas following threats by outlaw groups.
Bishop Quzmān of North Sinai said Copts in the border governorate are between four thousands and five thousands and are indispensable part of the fabric of Sinai, adding Copts in this area do not feel they are being discriminated against. [Muhammad al-Bahrāwī, al-Misrī al-Yawm, Oct. 10, p. 2] Read...
Bishop Quzmān of North Sinai said the church has not witnessed a single mass since the outbreak of the January 25, 2011 revolution, denying, however, the mass service was canceled for security reasons or out of fear over the life of Copts there.
Security sources and eyewitnesses said a state of lull is dominating the city amidst intensive security presence all over after Copts came under a shooting attack.


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