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The city of Shaykh Zūwayd has witnessed last Tuesday a terrorist incident where a suicide bomber blew himself up in the main market of the city.
Bishop Quzmān of North Sinai said Copts in the border governorate are between four thousands and five thousands and are indispensable part of the fabric of Sinai, adding Copts in this area do not feel they are being discriminated against. [Muhammad al-Bahrāwī, al-Misrī al-Yawm, Oct. 10, p. 2] Read...
Security sources and eyewitnesses said a state of lull is dominating the city amidst intensive security presence all over after Copts came under a shooting attack.
Reactions varied over President Muhammad Mursī’s visit to the city of al-‘Arīsh on Saturday (October 6), which was paid under tight security measures, while Coptic families in Rafah denied media reports about a meeting with Mursī.
Security forces in North Sinai launched a wide campaign in South ʿArish after two mortars were launched targeting the military base in al-ʿArish’s al-Salām neighborhood. Security sources reported that the campaign, which consisted of a thorough search of local cars and neighborhoods, resulted in...
  Fādīah ‘Abd al-Saīd migrated from Rafah to Asyut because she suffered under the harassment by terrorists despite the fact that Copts and Muslims were of one family in al-‘Arīsh and both wished to delete the box “Religion” in the national ID cards (
The state of emergency ended after five hours in the cities of al-Arīsh, Sheikh Zuwaid, Rafah, and villages in the northern center of al-Hasna, during which families were supposed to stay in their homes. The state of emergency was recently enforced with the use of armored jeeps and police vehicles...
Conscript Ayman  Farhān has been martyred with the gunfire of unknown assailants in ‘Arīsh who fired at him during his service in al- Zuhūr district
A Twitter account believed to belong to ISIS warned Egyptians in Cairo and in North Sinai to remain far from security institutions, in order to stay safe. Yesterday, Twitter pages, believed to belong to ISIS, stated apologies for the death of civilians while attacking the army camps in Arīsh. 
Dr. Shawqī ‘Allām, mufti of the Republic has denounced the terrorist attack that has targeted the Sinai security department in ‘Arīsh and led to the death of eight and injured more than 22 others. 


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