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Recently, Egypt has made a swath of decisions that seek to advance its strategic interests and national security.  Last Monday, President ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī announced that Egypt would be providing $500 million to rebuild Gaza after the most recent violence with Israel.  Before that, while at...
Prime Minister Hishām Qandīl’s beat-about-the-bush remarks that there were no forced evictions of some families in Rafah and that only one family preferred to relocate to another area would never be bought by a KG-1 child.
Bishop Quzmān of North Sinai said President Muhammad Mursī, during his recent meetings with the evicted Coptic families that returned to their homes in Rafah, has pledged to protect Copts.
Priest Yūsuf Subhī of the Mār Jirgis Church in Rafah, which was devastated during the incidents of the January 25, 2011 revolution, said after sessions were held with the tribal chiefs and security officials, the first mass service will be held inside the church on Sunday (October 7).
President Muhammad Mursī, during his visit to North Sinai governorate on Friday (October 5), will meet with the Copts of Rafah who received threats from extremist groups, while official security sources said the visit coincides with the end of the second stage of a military operation in Sinai.
A fact-finding commission set up by the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) that recently visited Rafah said Christian families residing in the border city are facing constant threat that overruns their right to live. [Mahmūd Hassūnah, al-Watan, Oct. 26, p. 1] Read original text in Arabic
A fact-finding commission, set up by the National Council for Human Rights, embarked on Thursday (October 11) on probing the conditions of Christian families in Rafah after reports some of them were forced to relocate to other areas following threats by outlaw groups.
Bishop Quzmān of North Sinai said Copts in the border governorate are between four thousands and five thousands and are indispensable part of the fabric of Sinai, adding Copts in this area do not feel they are being discriminated against. [Muhammad al-Bahrāwī, al-Misrī al-Yawm, Oct. 10, p. 2] Read...
Armored security patrols are in place to secure all of the troubled Egyptian city of Rafah, said a military source, adding news reports about a shooting attack on a Copt’s house on Saturday (October 6) were bare of truth. 
Reactions varied over President Muhammad Mursī’s visit to the city of al-‘Arīsh on Saturday (October 6), which was paid under tight security measures, while Coptic families in Rafah denied media reports about a meeting with Mursī.


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