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In an opinion article published by Al-Yawm al-Sābi‘, on the occasion of the 34th anniversary of the liberation of Sinai, Columnist Saḥar ʿAbd al-Raḥmān praised the speech of President ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī, which she said stressed the significance of national unity between the Muslims and the...
Sāmih Fawzī discusses Egypt’s emigration problem, the need for greater transparency and Coptic expatriates. He also calls on Christians to be active players in Egyptian society andbelieves that in the modern age socio-economic factors are more of a uniting force than religion.
In recent years the tensions between Christians and Muslims in Egypt have increased. In many cases Christians have been victims of violence. Is there any chance that religions can live together peacefully in the land of Nile? This is the question that Cornelis Hulsman sought to answer in his paper...
Islamic scholars in the West and in the Islamic world have both researched early Islam, however they differ in the way they approach such texts. It would also help Muslim scholars in the Islamic world if they had access to the reports written in the West in European languages.
The growing levels of violence in Egyptian society manifest themselves in various ways. In addition the government seems to be ineffective at making sure that laws are executed. The rising costs of living combined with increasing poverty is also exacerbating the problem.
Discussion of different factors in clashes between Muslims and Christians in Bimhā. Excellent overview of 35 years of sectarian crises in Egypt by Sulaymān Shafīq.
The article is on the arrest of 22 terrorists and the killing of seven during clashes between policemen and members of a group, al-Tawhīd wa al- Jihād, suspected of masterminding the Dahab and al-Joura bombings that claimed the lives of a few tourists and many Egyptians in Sinai.
The article deals with the killing of a terrorist who masterminded the Dahab chain of bombings that claimed the lives of scores of Egyptians and foreigners and wounded others and the arrest of his aide.
The Wafd article is a serious distortion of the CIDI report on anti-Semitism and the press release of June 13. Many claims are highly exaggerated. AWR summarized the CIDI report, compared this with the article in the Wafd and provided some comments on the CIDI report.
Hossam Gawdat is a new AWR board member. He has been translating some articles for AWR and provided a comment on a MEMRI report on radical anti-Jewish and anti-Christian preaching of a sheikh in Gaza. He is qualified to comment on radical preachers since he was once closely associated to the Gama’...
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