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State security arrested a teacher known as Joe Hani [Joe Hānī] in al-Ismāʿīliyyah after being accused of insulting the Prophet Muḥammad on social media.
An incident of bullying directed at an Egyptian doctor at al-Ismāʿīliyyah Fever Hospital (eastern Cairo) sparked a wave of criticism in Egypt against the bullies, especially after state institutions celebrated the efforts of doctors in combating the “Coronavirus” pandemic and cheered them on as “...
A church source in the Coptic Orthodox Church told Al-Watan that Bishop Bulus, will be enthroned Bishop of Eastern Canada, on August 20, more than two months after his ordination by Pope Tawadrus II, Pope of Alexandria, Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, at the Abbassiya Cathedral. .  
The governor of al-Ismaʿīliyya, Ḥamdī ʿUthmān, stressed on the importance of the role of religious leaders, Muslims and Christians, in raising awareness of the people to participate in the referendum process on the new constitutional amendments of 2019.
The 1st Women’s Empowerment Forum was opened in Egypt’s Public Library in presence of al-Isma’līa Governor Hamdī ‘Othmān along with a large group of MPs, secretaries of ministries and executive leaders in al-Isma’līa governorate.   
A police officer, al-shahāt [martyr] Mitwally Ahmad, lost his life after he was attacked by a group of terrorists who fired four bullets at him while he was on his way to work in the al-Qantarah police station, Sharqia.
The Ismā’īliya Cinema Club presents short movies as part of preparations for the 20th edition of the its International Film Festival for short and documentary films.
The phenomena of attacks launched against Copts and their belongings and lives have reemerged. This is happening especially after a number of fatwás have been issued against them and in some hot areas such as Minya, Qena, Sohag and Aswan. These places have witnessed attacks against Copts in the...
The first scientific forum dedicated to the antiquities of the Sinai Peninsula and the Canal cities was organized this October under the direction of the Minister of Antiquities Dr. Khālid al-ʿAnānī.  Al-Waṭan presents the following review of the most prominent of these diverse monuments from...
The Minister of Endowments, Muhamad Mukhtār Jum’ah, has referred the incident of hanging a flyer on a mosque stating that “sorry the mosque is closed, as there is no Azharite available” in Ismailia governorate to be investigated. 


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