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A police officer, al-shahāt [martyr] Mitwally Ahmad, lost his life after he was attacked by a group of terrorists who fired four bullets at him while he was on his way to work in the al-Qantarah police station, Sharqia.
Egyptian activists and MPs in Ismaʿīliyya launched an initiative to hold a candlelight vigil inside and outside of the church, under the slogan, “Candles against terrorism”, in support of the army, police, and church in the fight against terrorism.
Ismailia police concentrated its presence in East Kantara out of fear of sectarian violence after a Coptic woman, Nisma Gamal Anwar, went missing briefly following her conversion to Islam. Police interrogated Zaki Al-Akkad, the father of one of Nisma's friends, about Nisma's whereabouts as he is...
The author points to the importance of Egypt in the Biblical history and that many of God’s great men once took refuge in Egypt. He outlines the Coptic tradition of the route of the Holy Family during their time in Egypt and suggests that the sites that were visited by the Holy Family should be...
Rose el-Youssef describes the life of Lieutenant General Fouad Aziz Ghali, a Coptic Christian, leader of an Egyptian army and a hero of the October war of 1973.
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