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As a new parliamentary session gets under way, Watani International reignites the issue of the unified law for houses of worship.
Al-Fajr reports on a strike held recently by a group of Christians who were protesting the construction of a church.
The article sheds light on a demonstration held by a group of Mīt Namā’s residents protesting against being whipped out of their land. The piece of land was meant to hold a building for church services. The furious crowd wanted to meet the pope but did not succeed.
The author writes about the planned new church and social service center on land belonging to the Bishopric. The building was denied by authorities after a long delay and the land was usurped by a previous owner. The people of Mit-Namā still wait for approval to build their much needed church.
A young Egyptian Muslim woman describes Muslim-Christian relations in her native country and discusses her personal relationship with her Christian neighbors.
Susanne Huber provided an overview of media reporting about the tensions following the clashes at the Monastery of Abū Fanā on May 31. The research concerned both Coptic activist as well as Western media reporting in the period June 1 – August 12, 2008. Coptic activist reporting focused primarily...
The Alexandria Court of Appeals has ruled that the Muslim father of two Christian boys should be given custody of his children.
The tensions related to the Monastery of Abu Fana are characterized by unclear and conflicting land registration regulations, manipulation of information and lack of transparency by both responsible government and church authorities.
A Christian woman is detained for alleged forged documents noting that they were Christian, a fact that was questioned by a court in relation to their father’s brief conversion to Islam over 30 years ago.
Cornelis Hulsman presents a full overview of his correspondence with Minia Governor Ahmad Diyā’ al-Dīn and Bishop Demetrius during the Abū Fānā conflict.


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