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The Giza and Cairo courts witnessed today several important hearing sessions including the pleading of the public prosecution service in the case of "Spying for Ḥamās" and in the case of "Sinai state".
An article from the Maadi Messenger discussing the significance of the famous geometrical tile styling known as "Cairo Tiling" with accompanied contextual commentary from Cornelis Hulsman.
Abstract: There is an urgent need for more fieldwork in Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt.  Too much reporting on these issues is either ideologically motivated or supported by insufficient data.  Dutch sociologist Cornelis Hulsman will provide examples from his work, including the conversion of...
The UAE Office for Social Development and Infrastructure Projects in Egypt organizes a conference tomorrow, Thursday, to announce the launch of integral projects aimed at providing social, cultural and medical assistance to members of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church.
The author discusses the cases of two Coptic girls who have gone missing, while one has been reunited with her family the other is still missing.
The following article lists examples of Muslim-Christian incidents since 1996 with an analysis of the different causes leading to such unfortunate incidents. This report was presented to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Council for Human Rights.
Some people choose not to discuss with arguments but slander people they disagree with in an effort to discredit them. This can be frequently seen in some Egyptian media. Some Coptic activists, such as Michael Meunier, president of the US Copts Association, are not much different in their behavior...
Clarification of the purpose of RNSAW in responding to circulating rumors.
Text of a lecture for students and professors of different faculties at the University of Copenhagen, November 3, 2004, about plans to establish the Center for Arab-West Understanding in Cairo, Egypt. The text explains that intercultural tensions do exist but can be combated with good information.


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