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The tensions related to the Monastery of Abu Fana are characterized by unclear and conflicting land registration regulations, manipulation of information and lack of transparency by both responsible government and church authorities.
Drs. Hulsman discusses his trip to Mallawi, and his concerns regarding the effect that misinformation is having on grassroots Muslim-Christian relations.
Arab-West Report presented a text for Wikipedia on the background of Abu Fana.
An outline of the life and opinions of Nawal al-Sa‘dāwī. She explains her opinion on a number of social issues, focusing primarily on intellectual freedom.
The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies [CIHRS] has sent an appeal to the president of the republic and the speakers of both houses of Parliament called to amend Article Two of the Constitution that states that Islam is the religion of the state and Islamic sharīʿā is the main source of...
Both the governor of Qalyubiya and the bishop of Shubra el-Kheima provided us with documents to support their arguments. We have translated the 11 documents, and placed them in chronological order. In this order it is important to distinguish between the period before March 1 (the oral permit of...
After Dale Gavlak and Cornelis Hulsman interviewed the governor of Qalyubiya they interviewed H.G. Bishop Marcos and asked him to respond to all the issues raised by the governor.
Translation of an official document provided by H.E. Adli Hussein, the governor of Qalyubiya on March 20, 2001. The document lists the permits given by the governor to repair churches in his governorate. The now disputed church of Sandabis is also listed on this document. The governor approved "...


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