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An anonymous security source stated that defendants accused of gun firing at the head of the electoral committee in Shibīn al- Qanātir, Qalyubia, have been arrested. 
Counselor Najīb Gabriel, President of the Egyptian Union for Human Rights, received a complaint from Ms. Manāl Iskandar, the wife of Mr. Saʿd Khalīl Tawfīq. 
The Administrative Court rejected the documents presented by a convert to prove his conversion to Christianity in official papers.
Father ‘Abd al-Massīḥ Basīṭ sheds light on eminent Christian characters including Pope Shenouda.
Translation of an official document provided by H.E. Adli Hussein, the governor of Qalyubiya on March 20, 2001. The document lists the permits given by the governor to repair churches in his governorate. The now disputed church of Sandabis is also listed on this document. The governor approved "...
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