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On February 17, 2018, Arab-West Report sent a delegation of interns to Qufāda, a village in Maghāgha, al-Minīa, to inquire into the outstanding relationship between its Christian and Muslim population. We interviewed two religious leaders, Abūna [Father] Yuʾannas, the priest of Qufāda’s Coptic...
Lawyer of the Diocese of Bība, in the Banī Suwayf Governorate, Dr. ʿAbdallah Bushrā, said that Egyptian security forces stationed at Minya’s al-ʿAdwah checkpoint had stopped Monday night a convoy of busses with 250 Copts on board, heading to Asiyūṭ to participate in a church conference convening in...
In a sixty-minute documentary, Egyptian film director Samīr Zakī presents an autobiography of Bishop Sāwīrūs, abbot of the Monastery of the Holy Virgin in Meir, al-Qūṣiyah, Asiyūṭ, from 1985 till he passed away last July. As testified by all who knew him, Anba Sāwīrūs served the monastery, commonly...
Siwa Conference 2017 Part 8/12: Policy of the Egyptian Government to Sustain the Unique Character of Water Resources in Siwa Oasis
Siwa Conference 2017 Part 6/12: Dr. Ṭāriq ʿAbduh [Tarek Abdou]
In response to the request of Muslims of her district, Manāl Māhir, a member of the Egyptian House of Representatives, got an approval from the Egyptian Ministry of [Religious] Endowments to furnish al-Raḥmān ʿAlī Zayn al-ʿĀbidīn Mosque in al-Munshaʾat district, Sūhāj.
Sources revealed to “al-Dostor” that Būlūs al-Riyānī has received an official presidential pardon yesterday evening, on Tuesday. 
The Faculty of Comparative Religion at the University of Manouba, Tunis, Tunisia, invited Cornelis Hulsman to present his work in Egypt to students on the 9th of February, 2018. Hulsman’s lecture covered the following subjects: - Introduction of Dutch sociologist Cornelis Hulsman, Drs., director of...
The Coptic Catholic Church’s Holy Synod concluded its periodic meeting in the Diocese of Luxor, on Sunday, with the attendance of Coptic Catholic Patriarch Ibrāhīm Isḥāq, members of the Coptic Catholic Holy Synod, priests, monks and nuns serving the Upper-Egyptian diocese. 
In cooperation with the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), the Coptic Orthodox Church’s Bishopric of Public, Ecumenical and Social Services (BLESS) launched a campaign to preserve the environment.
Sixty-five drivers got permits from the Durunka Monastery in Asyūt to allow them to transport visitors to and from the vicinity of the monastery after closing the Asyūt al-Ghanāyim main road to secure the monastery’s annual celebration of the Virgin Mary’s feast, which is usually attended by five...
The governor of the Egyptian governorate of Sūhāj, Dr. Ayman ʿAbd al-Munʿim, announced his approval of the demolition and rebuilding of St. Mary Church in the village of Awlād Ḥamzah in al-Munshaʾāh district after it has become ramshackle endangering the lives of worshippers and nearby buildings.
The Aswan International Women Film Festival (AIWFF), held in Egypt’s Upper Egyptian city last February, announced it will dedicate its second edition to Algerian revolutionary Jamīla Būḥrayd, who will also be the festival’s guest of honor.
Amidst precautionary measures coordinated between the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Ministry of Interior, the two-week fast of St. Mary on August 7 [according to the Coptic Orthodox calendar], tens of thousands of Coptic and Muslim citizens will be visiting the St. Mary Monastery in Bayāḍ al-ʿArab...
Coptic Orthodox Bishop Makāriyyūs‎ of al-Minyā said an agreement was signed between the church and the Egyptian Ministry of Environment to allow monastic life at St. Makāriyyūs‎’ Monastery in Wādī al-Rayyān within the area agreed upon.
The Coptic Orthodox Church’s Holy Synod is expected to recognize the monastery officially soon after Pope Tawādrūs recognized it indirectly when he delegated General Bishop Makāriyyūs of al-Minyā to run the monastery’s affairs, the source told al-Dustūr.
The Coptic Orthodox Church announced it had signed an agreement with the Egyptian Ministry of Environmental regarding the monastic settlement of St. Makāriyyūs Monastery in Wādī al-Rayyān in exchange of annual leasing fees.
In the small village of Iṭsā, north of al-Minyā, “Muslims have shown overwhelming love and cooperation with the beginning of building the church of St. Mary in the village,” said Fr. Shinūda Nimr, parish priest of nearly 3000 Coptic Christians in the village. 
Coptic researcher Sulaymān Shafīq called on Egyptian President ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī to intervene in the crisis of closing churches in the Governorate of al-Minyā by forming a neutral committee to consider the situation from various aspects.
The Coptic Orthodox Archangel Michael Monastery in Naqādah, Qinā [Qena] is to organize its annual conference on the ministry of development in local communities on October 27-29, 2017 under the supervision of Bishop Ibrām of al-Fayūm Diocese.  
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