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The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) condemns the closure by the security services of the Coptic Church of Anbā Kārās in the village of Naga’ al-Ghafīr in Sohāg governorate after dozens of Muslim citizens surrounded it and chanted anti-Coptic slogans against Christian citizens.
Egyptologist Zāhī Ḥawwās unveiled a 2500-year-old mummy of a priest at an ancient cemetery in Minya, south of Cairo, in a live broadcast on Discovery Channel on Sunday.
The Governor of Banī Suīf Hānī ‘Abdul-Gabir held a meeting with a delegation from the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) composed of NCHR Member Dr. Salāh Sallām, Chairman of the NCHR Office in Banī Suīf, Tārik Abu El Makārim, Officer of the Human Rights Unit of Banī Suīf Governorate, and...
The Governor of Banī Suīf, Hānī ‘Abdul-Gabir, received a report on the action taken by the Human Rights Unit in his governorate to respond to a complaint filed by a woman with special needs due to a family dispute on an agricultural plot owed to her. After field examination and inspection, the unit...
The Coptic Catholic Church in the Asyūṭ governorate has completed preparations for Cardinal Sandri Leonardo and his accompanying delegation who will be visiting the Cathedral and the offices of the diocese this Tuesday.  The Cardinal is scheduled to meet with priests and other members of the...
Upper Egypt is associated with habits and customs that do not always change as time goes by, especially when it comes to the burial of the dead and rituals following the burial.  
Al-Yawm al-Sābi’ newspaper looks at the reasons why different areas in Egypt with a high population of Copts have voted in favour of the draft Constitution in the first stage of the referendum and are expected to vote "yes" in the next stage also. 
Egyptian columnist Ḥamdī Rizq writes this week: Sectarian strife is more severe than murder, indeed, more severe than murder. Sectarian strife is the door to all evils, and God has mercy on us from sectarian strife as manifested in Minya.
The Media Center of Egypt’s Cabinet denied the news that has been circulating on some websites and social networking sites, that claimed that the closure of three churches in Minya came due to pressure stemming from some who object to the existence of churches in the province.
Coptic Catholic Bishop Kyrillos Kamāl William Sam’ān of Asyut said that the Coptic Catholic Church does not seek to impose its opinion on Christians to vote for a specific person in the upcoming Parliamentary elections.


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