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Independent human rights organizations, monitoring the referendum over the draft Constitution, detected several attempts of preventing Copts from voting.
Several Copts in al-Menya complained they were targets for armed robberies, which was confirmed by human rights advocacy groups.
Coptic Catholic Bishop Kyrillos Kamāl William Sam’ān of Asyut, led the prayers of the Christmas Mass in Coptic Catholic Archdiocese in al-Dhāhir on the evening of December 24. He prayed for the country, its stability and development. His prayers also included President Muhammad Mursī.
The high turnout among Copts in the second phase of the referendum puts doubt on the announced results that came as 17 percent who said “yes” to the Constitution in the second phase (most likely because Copts would have voted for “no”).
A delegation of the parliamentarian Committee of Religious Affairs and Endowments [al-Awqāf] headed by Dr. Usāma al-ʿAbd, visited the archdiocese of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Qinā on Sunday to determine the magnitude of the governorate’s housing price crisis. On behalf of the archbishop of Qinā...
There have been several incidents of Coptic Christian voters, including entire villages with a majority Coptic population, being prevented from voting. A number of observatory organizations and independent NGOs observing the polling station reported that campaigners were orchestrated all around the...
A ‘urfī (informal) conciliatory session ended sectarian unrest in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Beni Suef after two Coptic children who urinated on a copy of the Qur’ān were ordered by the prosecutor to be placed in a reformatory for seven days.
In Asyut, Bayt al-’Aylah (House of the Family) invited all national forces to sit together at table of dialogue for the sake of Egypt. General Secretary of the House of the Family, Shaykh Sayyīd ‘Abd al-‘Azīz, urged all political forces to place higher interests of the homeland above all other...
Pope Tawāḍrūs II, who was enthroned as the 118th Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of Saint Mark, received will-wishers offering congratulations for the 118th Pope of Alexandria and the See of Saint Mark.
A new government lineup under a prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood group is almost finalized, according to the ikhwanonline.com website. 


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