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The appeal trial of Damyānah ‘Abīd, a Christian teacher from Luxor, who is accused of defamation of Islam and evangelizing among her students in Nag’ al-Shaykh Sultān primary school in southern Luxor, has upheld the misdemeanor of the appellant today, Tuesday (September 3). The appeal was made by...
A Copt in Sohag has given an example of national unity.
  In a special statement to el-Wady News, Lūqa Radhī, a representative of the Archbishop of Mary and John Qūsiyya said that atheism is not as common an occurrence as thought, but that government officials need to accept that God made humans with free will and should choose to worship God without...
Egyptian women have entered into all fields and held many positions to demonstrate their ability to lead and achieve success. In an unprecedent event, a woman is competing with men for the official post as Shaykh al-Balad or ‘Chief of the Village’ in a Beni Suef village.
n Tuesday, the trial of 119 Muslim Brothers was re-started. The men are accused of provoking riots throughout the governorate and burning the Mary Girgis Church after their sit-ins at Midān Rābi’ah and Midān Nahdah had been dispersed. Furthermore, the prosecution of Sūhāj has accused them of...
  Fādīah ‘Abd al-Saīd migrated from Rafah to Asyut because she suffered under the harassment by terrorists despite the fact that Copts and Muslims were of one family in al-‘Arīsh and both wished to delete the box “Religion” in the national ID cards (
Muhammad Mukhtār Jum’ah, Minister of Endowments, assured that protecting tourists is a religious duty. 
Minya’s Christian majority population was exposed to an assault by policemen after a young Coptic man defended a girl from sexual harassment by a young Muslim. However, the young man did conduct an investigation into those policemen 
An argument between a Muslim driver and a Coptic shop owner in Asyut escalated to a fight with fire arms which led to the injury of 9 people at both sides
Rev. Tharwat Qādis, head of the elections committee in the Evangelical Synod of the Nile, announced the results of the elections of the Evangelical Community Council. 


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