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A high-level German delegation led by Dr. Rev. Tharwat Qādis, chairman of the Council for Dialogue and Ecumenical Relations, arrived in Aswan en route to Luxor. The delegation will visit the Coptic Evangelical Church in Luxor and its affiliated schools.
Sources in the Azhar stated that the Grand Imam, Ahmad al- Tayyib, will take part in person in the Aswan reconciliation committee that aims to bring accord between the Banī Hilal and al- Dabūdiah tribes. 
The Aswan International Women Film Festival (AIWFF), held in Egypt’s Upper Egyptian city last February, announced it will dedicate its second edition to Algerian revolutionary Jamīla Būḥrayd, who will also be the festival’s guest of honor.
One of the distinguishing sub-themes of the Egyptian revolution which began on January 25, 2011, has been the proliferation of Coptic movements.
When I saw the report of MEMRI about Egyptian cleric Muḥammad ʿAbdū I was reminded of Tim Cavanaugh’s critique on MEMRI in 2002 that MEMRI does not need to travel very far to cherry-pick offensive comments. MEMRI presented excerpts from ʿAbdū speaking on al-Ḥikmah TV on September 20, 2011. al-...
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