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A new government lineup under a prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood group is almost finalized, according to the ikhwanonline.com website. 
Pope Tawāḍrus II, in a written speech delivered on his behalf by Bishop Pachomius, underlined the importance of an undivided patronizing of the church at the level of all parishes, stressing joint action and unity for the sake of the nation’s peace.
  In al-Ahrām, Usāmah Siddīq writes about the Coptic celebrations in Virgin Mary Monastery in Asyut govenrorate marking the anniversary of the visit of the holy family after they fled Palestine. The celebrations, lasting for fifteen days (from the 7th to the 22nd of August) consist of different...
Security Forces in Asyut have found a letter addressed to the office of the Muslim Brotherhood in Qena. 
  Fādīah ‘Abd al-Saīd migrated from Rafah to Asyut because she suffered under the harassment by terrorists despite the fact that Copts and Muslims were of one family in al-‘Arīsh and both wished to delete the box “Religion” in the national ID cards (
An argument between a Muslim driver and a Coptic shop owner in Asyut escalated to a fight with fire arms which led to the injury of 9 people at both sides
Rev. Tharwat Qādis, head of the elections committee in the Evangelical Synod of the Nile, announced the results of the elections of the Evangelical Community Council. 
The phenomena of attacks launched against Copts and their belongings and lives have reemerged. This is happening especially after a number of fatwás have been issued against them and in some hot areas such as Minya, Qena, Sohag and Aswan. These places have witnessed attacks against Copts in the...
The investigation unit in al-Qussiya, Asyut, arrested one of the defendants accused of killing a Copt due to a revenge in ‘IzbitAntunVillage. Masked assailants had attacked Kyrollos Marzūk Sam’ān on Sunday night and ran away. 
Copts in Qawsiyah District, Assuit, have made an appeal to the Minister of Interior to save them from thugs who threaten and terrorize them.


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